Software that Feeds the Poor

Nigerian social entrepreneur Oscar Ekponimo knows what it’s like to be a child and go days without a wholesome meal, which sparked a desire to make a change.

Ford AWD: Awesome Wherever Driven

Filming all of Ford’s all wheel drive range on the mountain tops and beaches of Snowdonia? Easy…

Designing the Jaguar

Ian Callum shows us the essential design cues needed when making a Jaguar.

The new Ford Mondeo

A film to announce the new Ford Mondeo that demonstrates its features and the design ethos behind it.

The new Ford Focus ST: A multi-talented athlete

We made this film for the European launch of the new Ford Focus ST.

Worse Things Happen at Sea: A monster of an illustration

Kellie Strøm has probably chosen the most labour intensive method possible, but the results are worth it.

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