Our films might be about a person, a process or a product but we present them as stories. Our films are meant to entertain and inform, and we’re used to working to a brief.

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Serbia – IPPF

“Education is not about telling someone what to think. It’s about provoking thinking.”  Participatory theatre as a way to dismantle gender stereotypes? Yes!


The Frozen Rainforest

According to glacial microbiologist and Young Rolex Laureate Joseph Cook, the scientific question around climate change isn’t, “Is it happening?” The scientific question is now focussed on the details, it’s “How fast is it happening”, “How long have we got to act”, and “How should we act?”

Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative – Alexei Ratmansky & Myles Thatcher

Two choreographers inspiring one another to further the art form.

The new Ford Focus ST: A multi-talented athlete

We made this film for the European launch of the new Ford Focus ST.

Which Way Up Trailer

He’s been called “as great a colourist as Matisse” – our first feature length doc tells the story of painter John McLean, as he battles to carry on painting through Parkinson’s disease.

Software that Feeds the Poor

Nigerian social entrepreneur Oscar Ekponimo knows what it’s like to be a child and go days without a wholesome meal, which sparked a desire to make a change.

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