Our films might be about a person, a process or a product but we present them as stories. Our films are meant to entertain and inform, and we’re used to working to a brief.

Connecting the World with Sign

Rolex Young Laureate Junto Okhi is helping sign-language users across the world converse more easily through an online sign language dictionary, SLinto.

Jesus Christ Goes Clubbing

Amani Saeed’s bold, rhythmic and unusual interpretation of a painting of Jesus for Art UK.

Holding Back the Sahara

Experts say that we have up to 3 years to take action before the effects of climate change become irreversible and North Africa is currently at risk of becoming one big desert. Young Rolex Awards Laureate Sarah Toumi has a solution.

Tackling Pollution in Rural China

Young Rolex Awards Laureate Christine Keung’s ambition is to help Chinese authorities find long-term solutions to hazardous waste, and women – who bear the disproportionate cost of environmental degradation as men migrate to cities for work – are the key to her project.

Walking With Robots

Conor Walsh is revolutionising the way patients recover from traumas such as strokes, through the marriage of textiles and robotics.

The Mustang arrives in Scotland

How do you redesign a classic?

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