Our films might be about a person, a process or a product but we present them as stories. Our films are meant to entertain and inform, and we’re used to working to a brief. To see more of our films, visit The Frame.


Art UK


For the launch of Art UK we were asked to make a film which included a public statue and an interview with artist Bob and Roberta Smith.

The premise: Why is public art important?

Our approach

If some art is public then why not talk to people in the communities who might be able to relate to it? The Pride of Poplar is a statue of Britain’s youngest ever world boxing champion. We went to seek out young East London boxers to see what their thoughts were on the statue, on art, on boxing. We also talked to artist Bob and Roberta Smith. We believe that documentaries are about seeking connections between people and an interview should be viewed as a conversation. We don’t ask questions from a sheet of paper. We don’t ask people to say things. We are interested in people. We get genuine content.

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