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Which Way Up Trailer

He’s been called “as great a colourist as Matisse” – our first feature length doc tells the story of painter, John McLean as he battles to carry on painting through Parkinson’s disease.

Walking With Robots

Conor Walsh is revolutionising the way patients recover from traumas such as strokes, through the marriage of textiles and robotics.

Ice Towers in the Desert

Sonam Wangchuk is overcoming water shortage in the Himalayas by building artificial glaciers.

The Mustang arrives in Scotland

How do you redesign a classic?

John Livingston

Dancer John Livingston won’t let his disability define him and get in the way of his passion.

Big Dance: Random Acts

Amateur and professional dancers, music by a talented young jazz duo and choreography by Akram Khan make for the the perfect Random Act.

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