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The Frozen Rainforest

According to glacial microbiologist and Young Rolex Laureate Joseph Cook, the scientific question around climate change isn’t, “Is it happening?” The scientific question is now focussed on the details, it’s “How fast is it happening”, “How long have we got to act”, and “How should we act?”

Software that Feeds the Poor

Nigerian social entrepreneur Oscar Ekponimo knows what it’s like to be a child and go days without a wholesome meal, which sparked a desire to make a change.

Connecting the World with Sign

Rolex Young Laureate Junto Okhi is helping sign-language users across the world converse more easily through an online sign language dictionary, SLinto.

Which Way Up Trailer

He’s been called “as great a colourist as Matisse” – our first feature length doc tells the story of painter John McLean, as he battles to carry on painting through Parkinson’s disease.

Holding Back the Sahara

Experts say that we have up to 3 years to take action before the effects of climate change become irreversible and North Africa is currently at risk of becoming one big desert. Young Rolex Awards Laureate Sarah Toumi has a solution.

Tackling Pollution in Rural China

Young Rolex Awards Laureate Christine Keung’s ambition is to help Chinese authorities find long-term solutions to hazardous waste, and women – who bear the disproportionate cost of environmental degradation as men migrate to cities for work – are the key to her project.

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