Proudfoot Début


My first day working at Proudfoot I was immediately told that I would be working on the new Ford Mondeo Project, and that in a couple of hours I would be going with Michael and the director Jeremy to a meeting with the Ford clients. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting such an abrupt start to my internship, but I was happy to be given something exciting to do.

When we arrived at the meeting I honestly wondered what the hell I was doing there, and not just because I was the only one wearing jeans and trainers. The two hour long meeting was all about the technicalities of the project, punctuated with car jargon that went way over my head. Given the fact that two days earlier I was selling organic frozen yogurt in Paris, wearing a t-shirt with the face of a cow called Thérèse on it, the contrast felt slightly surreal.

Nevertheless I went along with it and nodded appropriately as the meeting unfolded, and by the end of it I had a vague idea of what was going on.

The next few days (weeks in fact) were very hectic, as the Ford Mondeo project required 17 days of filming and travel, over four different countries and involved dozens of people. There was an extreme amount of organising to do, and had it not been for all the other Proudfeet kindly helping me and taking the time to answer my (numerous) questions, I would have been completely lost. But it was great because it meant that in the space of a month I probably learnt more about the industry than with three years in higher education…However the first two weeks I was completely panicked, and would practically wake up in cold sweats at the thought of having booked the wrong plane tickets or forgetting to book excess luggage for the cameraman, and I dreaded having to send out the call sheet in case something was wrong (and very often something was wrong but Gemma was here to check). After two weeks I got the hang of it and started to relax a bit more about the work, and felt very comfortable in the office as everyone was incredibly friendly. The next two weeks went by more smoothly, and when eventually the Ford shoot was finished I couldn’t believe it. It was both a relief and slightly sad to see it end. I guess you can compare it to parents seeing their children off to university: We’ll miss you, but until then, good riddance.

Thankfully I can always see the fruits of our labour. Watch our gorgeous film here.


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