Proudfoot are a production company and creative consultancy based in Clerkenwell, London. Since being founded in 2004 by Michael Proudfoot we’ve been producing films that look great, sound great and deliver messages in an engaging and effective way.


Production Director
Gemma spent her first 15 years in the industry producing and directing all over the world. She is now happily production managing and is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of Proudfoot’s productions. Gemma still enjoys creeping into the edit suite at any given opportunity.


Eddie studied Human Sciences at University and emerged (via Alaska) with a taste for documentary film making. Many years later, having filmed all over the world, from the Payatas dump site in Manila to the wild forests of Siberia, and all sorts of people, from Paul McCartney to the heroic mothers of the Korogocho slum in Nairobi, Eddie understands how to make a story jump from the screen into your heart.


Creative Director & Filmmaker
Rick spent the Summer of 2006 working in rural Tanzania and is now living in London, but has never forgotten his Yorkshire roots. In his 5 years at Proudfoot he has learned to edit, shoot, light and direct to an incredibly high standard. His instinctive eye and compassionate approach to interviews make him a valuable asset to the company.


Daphne took her Zoology degree from the University of Nottingham out into the field, researching spotted turtles on Nantucket Island and green pit vipers in Thailand (despite being afraid of snakes). Her passion is combining her love of science with her skills in communication and visual media. She has worked on broadcast projects for the BBC and National Geographic.


Managing Director & Producer
Simon has been Proudfoot's producer since the company was founded in 2004. He has been involved in production for more than 26 years, initially in TV commercials but also in the broadcast and corporate sectors. He has directed films for Proudfoot's clients but is most effective in a supporting role, working closely with clients, agencies and the company's creative team. We all have our weaknesses and Simon's is Portsmouth Football Club.

Proudfoot 1954-2020

Michael was a graduate of the Royal College of Art film school. He spent 18 years as Creative Director of a major broadcast indie before forming Proudfoot in 2004. Michael’s wide-ranging interests from contemporary art to country music were reflected in his many award-winning films for broadcast television and industrial clients.


Junior Producer
Sonia’s love for media began at the University of Texas, as the Entertainment Director for Texas Student TV. She later moved to London to earn her MA in Documentary Filmmaking, which took her all the way to India to film her family roots. She has extensive content marketing experience, and enjoys working closely with clients. Her passions include sociology, culture and a nice glass of wine.


Latham grew up in Greece, the United States and the Philippines. He studied film production in London at the University of Westminster, where his final film about a fisherman in Jamaica made him realise his love for documentary filmmaking. He will tell you, in his inconsistent accent, that he loves piecing together the many elements of a film to create a story.

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