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Reintroducing Proudfoot

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Hello friends, We hope everyone is doing well and is safe at home. Despite the need to stay physically distant from one another, the Proudfoot team is united in our efforts to continue to tell the world’s stories. That being said, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what makes us who we… Read more

Michael Proudfoot 1954-2020

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Dear friends,   A few days ago we lost a wonderful person. Michael Proudfoot passed away peacefully at home.    Michael was our friend, he gave us guidance, he made us laugh and gave us the confidence to do the things we love. We know there are countless people around the world who will mourn… Read more

Leadership and Consequences

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Rick and I did a couple of shoots last week for entirely different clients, but both involved maritime tragedy brought about by the hubris and stupidity of those in command. Coming back from the second shoot on the train I started to reflect on the idea of “Leadership” and what it means. Perhaps a ship… Read more

“WHICH WAY UP” Available now on Vimeo On Demand

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There were a number of good reasons for Proudfoot Ltd to finance the making of “Which Way Up with John McLean” but one of them was the paucity of films available about artists and their process. Hardly surprising really that most painters wouldn’t really entertain the idea of a film crew cluttering up their workspace… Read more

Decisions Decisions Decisions

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In this office, we make many tiny decisions every time we set off to make a film. It is a necessary part of the process. As a filmmaker, you will be confronted with questions: Where shall we sit the interviewee? Are they relaxed? If not, why not? What is the weather doing? Should we change… Read more

“Is ze Lens Happy?”

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In my father’s workshop, on his farm in Lincolnshire, tools were hung on the wall. Around each spanner, wrench or hammer the outline of the tool was painted, a bit like the chalk outline drawn around dead bodies by forensic scientists at a murder scene. Each tool had a “home” and should be returned to… Read more

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