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Proudfoot Début

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  My first day working at Proudfoot I was immediately told that I would be working on the new Ford Mondeo Project, and that in a couple of hours I would be going with Michael and the director Jeremy to a meeting with the Ford clients. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting such an abrupt… Read more


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In our Best Western hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, they advertised a ‘Sky Bar’. Customers at the otherwise ‘average’ hostelry were urged to visit this penthouse drinking lounge that offered beautiful views across the city. On arrival at the Sky Bar, myself and my crew, Alex Fouracre and Stuart Wareing, found ourselves to be the only… Read more

Legends of My Youth

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In the streets of San Francisco lurk the legends of my youth, or at least the ghosts of them. Here to film the remarkable dancer and choreographer Myles Thatcher, we stayed at a hotel situated a short walk from the City Lights bookstore – the hangout of Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and Kerouac. As I waited to… Read more

Sounding Off

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There has been quite a lot of controversy about sound of late. Audiences of the BBC’s Jamaica Inn complained of poor audio quality: the actors were mumbling and the dialogue was lost under music and sound effects, they complained. More recently the Beeb have come under attack for the same kind of problems with their… Read more

Visiting Ghosts in the Deep South

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Crossing onto the Tybee Island Expressway most Frats visiting the spring-break seaside resort probably wouldn’t notice they were crossing Johnny Mercer Boulevard. Indeed they might miss it because they would be looking for the turn-off for the only large supermarket, to stock up bulk on beers.  Mercer’s boulevard is a clue that one of the… Read more

A rich life deserves a good death

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As a student I was a big fan of the SDP. That is, for some reason, not as easy to admit now as it was in 1981 when Britain’s political landscape was changed forever. Some have argued that the SDP allowed Thatcher and her stormtroopers to rule unopposed for more than a decade but the… Read more

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