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Really Creative

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Walking around the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art recently, I suddenly found myself becoming a huge fan. Her work is deeply personal but immediately takes a ‘known’ place in the viewer’s psyche. Bourgeois worked in all sorts of media: fabric, bronze, found objects, drawing, painting, poetry, embroidery. But in… Read more

What is luxury

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When I sit down at my kitchen table, the Fylde Ariel guitar on a stand in the corner responds with a little open chord. It’s as if it’s reminding me that it’s there. But what it’s really saying is “I am so responsive, I have been so well crafted that you don’t even have to… Read more


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‘My name is Clare Elwell, I’m a Professor of Medical Physics at University College London, and I like brain imaging and swimming. And doughnuts.’ When we visited Clare on Wednesday I was somewhat enchanted by the nuts-and-bolts creative chaos of the workshop she shares with her colleagues. Tubs of components, rolls of wire and a… Read more

When People Talk About Art

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One of the most insightful things said at the The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Weekend was by Harvard professor Homi Bhabha, who said, “A great work of art is impossible to forget because it is difficult to remember…..a work of art should be an unfathomable experience, you know it, but you never know it”…. Read more

Nic Jones Now

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Our eagerly awaited documentary on folk legend Nic Jones is revealed to the world tonight! Nic Jones was the rising star of the folk world in the early ’80s. His 1980 record Penguin Eggs remains among the top 100 albums of all time and he was playing sell-out gigs up and down the country. Driving… Read more

To Iran, with love

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Soheila Sokhanvari works in something of a sanctuary, which is apposite considering that her work is inspired in part by illuminated manuscripts. Nestled in green, villagey space outside Cambridge, her neo-monastic studio is a whitewashed, tin-roofed room owned by the Wysing Arts Centre; one of a row of connected spaces whose slanted ceilings and split-pane… Read more

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